The Project

Creative Commune creates a space for reflection, debate and creation capable of stimulating the creative fever of a “community” in the temporality of a project.
This experiment will result in concrete tools that can be used by European NGOs and citizens’ collectives. These tools will involve artistic methods to trigger creative deliberations on the one hand, and artworks to promote them on the other.

Under the new Erasmus+ 21-27 programme, the EU is launching a call for projects that encourage citizens to participate in the democratic debate by speaking out. The programme also invites us to explore our common values, our social, cultural and historical heritage. Creative Commune joins these expectations.


The first series will explore historical episodes from Germany, Italie, Portugal and France and extract its collaborative and creative “engine”. With this engine, the partners will propose methods to conduct debates and deliberations on citizen topics of our time (e.g. ecology, gender, populism…) and make them stimulating and creative, involving artistic techniques.
The second series will describe how to create artistic proposals from the results of a debate and deliberation. This allows any citizens’ association to present its vision in a creative way (performance, film, online creations), possibly in interaction with its audience. Training workshops and events will take place to access the different types of participating citizens’ associations, collectives and student groups.
Researchers will be involved in imagining creative narratives outside their usual academic framework. They will also help to identify the common dynamics expressed in the deliberative processes in order to give the project an analytical perspective.
At the end of the project, the Creative Commune working methods will be published and made available online to any European citizen collective. They will be able to use them to question the issues that matter to them, by having innovative tools for deliberation and creation.

4 creative debate methodologies

The aim is to provide a method for NGOs, citizen collectives and student groups. The aim is to give them the tools to conduct a creative collective debate with their audiences or with partner organisations.

La Commune method

This method will be inspired by the mechanisms that were tested and developed during the Paris Commune in 1871.

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4 artistic creation methodologies