PR4 Three Revolutions

Design: Hugo Miguel Coelho, Vicente Carvalho de Sá (ExQuorum, Evora)

Portugal’s 20th century: Three revolutions
Século XX em Portugal: 3 revoluções

The Creative Commune project in Portugal developed an intensive workshop in April 2023 – in partnership with the Alcântara Library and Lusófona University – in which the theme was explored, based on a process of devising and documentary research, with the aim of developing a themed workshop and a short film. The subject to be explored, proposed by ExQuorum and with artistic direction by Hugo Miguel Coelho, was the revolution of 25 April 1974, based on a look at José Dias Coelho, an artist and sculptor who lived underground for years and was murdered by the PIDE on 19 December 1961, whose event was recorded by Zeca Afonso in “Death took to the streets on a day like this (…) And a river of blood comes out of an open chest”.

The aim of this project in Portugal has therefore been to develop various responses that bridge the gap between socio-political historical memory and the promotion of current reflection.
They were thus developed:
*a thematic course/workshop on the paths of the revolution.
*a docu-film on the life of Joé Dias Coelho
*development of a creative workshop on democracy and freedom (combining inputs from various activities)
*the start of a parallel project on the same theme, in the form of a podcast.