The project explores the mechanisms of collective deliberation that have emerged in historical contexts and that can be used in today’s society and movements.
This project creates a space for reflection, debate and creation capable of stimulating the creative fever of a ‘community’.

Europe has seen a wave of popular movements since 2010. The outcomes of these movements have radical political upheaval, repression, exhaustion or, more rarely, success. These pages of our recent history echo other events that took place in Europe in the second half of the 20th century, such as the Prague Spring, April 25th in Portugal, May 68 in France, the fall of the Berlin Wall… In 2021, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Paris Convention.

How can we rethink society?
How can we reach agreement through joint deliberation? How can we channel our collective creative energy into a project?

Creative Commune is proposing a project that examines these “reasons” in the context of European cooperation.
It suggests a series of artistic and civic activities enabling Europeans to work together to question the mechanisms that
that transform deliberation and inspiration into
proposals. The project will echo, in contemporary form, the great European popular movements that have marked the continent’s history.

The first series will explore historical episodes from Germany, Italy, Portugal and France and extract their collaborative and creative ‘engine’. Using this engine, the partners will propose methods for leading
debates and deliberations on contemporary issues (ecology, gender, populism, etc.) and make them stimulating and creative, using the arts and artistic techniques.

The second series will describe how to create artistic proposals based on the results of a debate and deliberation. This enables any citizens’ association to present its vision in a creative way (performance, film, website, online creations), possibly interacting with their audience.