PR 2 Citizens of the World

Design: Alessandro Cavoli & Desirèe Proietti Lupi, Teatro Rigodon

Carresse Crosby was an American writer, intellectual and patron of the arts. Caresse is a non-conformist woman: she participates in avant-garde films, she founded a small publishing house called “Black Sun Press” which publishes, among others, works by Ernest Hemingway, Charles Bukowski and Henry Miller; he invented the bra to free himself from the constraints of the corset. From the United States she arrived in Europe, where as a wealthy expatriate she stayed in numerous places, continuing to have the right flair for art and to intercept the most refined artistic circles.

Caresse also carries out political activity and proves to be a fervent activist. It is no coincidence that Caresse worked hard to create two organizations “women against war” and “Citizens of the world”, citizens of the world, from which we will take inspiration for the construction of the method, which Caresse will create at the castle of Rocca Sinibalda.

The fortress becomes a space of inclusion and sharing, here writers, painters, sculptors, actors and musicians meet and work, there is a continuous exchange between the castellana, her guests and the inhabitants of Rocca Sinibalda. His idea is to elevate the castle to the capital of the World of Peace and to spread his appeal with the help of his artist friends and writers.