PR1 The Creative Commune

Design: Bruno Freyssinet (Transplanisphere), Matthieu Boisset (Dies Irae) with Noémie Besace, Coline Lechat, Martin Gracia (Transplanisphere)
Images: workshop at the Museum of Living History, Montreuil

The methodology was tested for the first time in June 2022 at the Musée de l’Histoire Vivante de Montreuil (MHV), France. This workshop looked likeof the representatives of all project partners. It consisted of 5 days of creative workshops concluded with the creation of a dramatized conference proposal proposed by all the participants.

This document aims to present the working method used during this workshop to allow any formed group (NGO, association, citizen collective, students) to in turn carry out an experience of citizen and collective artistic creation.

This method is inspired by the mechanisms that we saw at work during the Paris Commune in 1871.

It explores 2 aspects in particular:

  1. the way in which the deliberation allowed everyone to participate (through citizen assemblies, but also through Clubs).
  2. the way in which the results of the deliberations were debated via the media of the time (newspapers, posters, etc.) and their current transposition on the internet.

This document will present the two approaches in a mannersynthetic, to allow users to easily adapt it to their own project.

If the user wishes to concretize his research and his proposal in the manner of a gesticulated conference, hes’orientate towards the first chapter of the method. If he wishes to move towards communication andpublications on the internet, it is the second chapter that should be prioritized.