PR5 Commune Constellation

Design: Noémie Besace, Bruno Freyssinet, Olena Morentsova (Transplanisphere),
Matthieu Boisset (Dies Irae)

The Commune Constellation methodology was tested for the first time in November 2022 by the La Transplanissphère team in conjunction with the Dies Irae company team. It was an extension of an experience carried out at the living history museum in June 2022 in Montreuil: the La Commune Créative workshop.
In Montreuil, 5 days of creative workshops bringing together representatives from the project’s 4 partner countries made it possible to generate reflections on what the notion of “common” means. How to express the collective, the “we”?
Based on his reflections, we sought their transposition on the Internet through artistic creation. The idea was to use the possibilities of different media accessible online – notably websites, social networks, platforms – and to see how it was possible to make “work” by combining these different channels. How to create a form of narration, a form of interactive story with the public at the crossroads of the different modalities offered by the web.

This document will present to you both:
*a writing and design process for telling a story online and enabling audience interaction
*a concrete example of this experience, illustrating the system that we have put in place on the subject that we have called common constellation.

You will be able to imagine your own work and your device on the Internet using this method, seeing how we ourselves have transposed this method into an artistic proposition.