PR6 The mirror and the moon

Design: Alessandro Cavoli & Desirèe Proietti Lupi, Teatro Rigodon

For this method, Teatro Rigodon was inspired by Caresse Crosby, American writer, intellectual and patron of the arts, owner of the Castle of Rocca Sinibalda, who in the 1950s made an appeal for world peace and named her castle the capital of the citizens of the world.
Just like Crosby, Teatro Rigodon has decided to create a public debate through the medium of art. During the first phase of the work [see method 2], the Rigodon Theatre made available to the participants all the information it had collected on the Municipality of Caresse Crosby:
writings, videos and finally the direct testimonies of the citizens of the municipality of Rocca Sinibalda. After the workshop, we concentrated on collecting the material useful for constructing the artistic performance. We mainly made use of the debate: through the moderation of a host we managed to dialogue on topics of collective interest: environment, integration, and social policies.
This example method is designed to be used by everyone: citizens, teachers, young people, the elderly… the only need is a place where you can compare and try out the performances.