Workshop Creative Commune #1 – Commune de Paris

The first Creative Commune workshop took place in mid-June at the Museum of Living History in Montreuil. The Transplanisphere brought together all the partners – Compagnie Dies Irae (FR), Association pour l’histoire vivante (FR), CT Cergy Paris Université (FR), ExQuorum (PT), Cofac Cooperativa de Formacao e Animacao Cultural CRL (PT), Teatro Rigodon (IT), Comune di Rocca Sinibalda (IT), Kulturinitiative Förderband (ALL) –  around the theme of the common. By coming together we wanted to define the term “common” in a reflective and creative way, combining artistic and historical notions.

In order to frame our week, we distinguished two axes of  our method:
Thematic reflection
Artistic and creative research

Starting with the thematic reflection, each partner immersed themselves in these questions, both semantic and historical. These phases were punctuated by the intervention of Véronique Fau-Vincenti, a doctor of history and head of the collections at the Museum of Living History, which made us constantly go back and forth between our current ideas of commonality and those of the Paris Commune.

The retranscription of our ideas in different artistic forms allowed us to share more fluidly these four days of research, notably through a filmed gesticulated conference, but also – the Paris Commune had a very strong visual impact – through a communication campaign

Our second Creative Commune workshop will take place in Italy in december, hosted by our partner Teatro Rigodon.

Partenaires Creative Commune

Soutiens Creative Commune

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