The aim is to create 2 series of tools. The first series will explore historical episodes from the partner countries and the second series will describe how to create artistic proposals using the results.

These tools will involve artistic methods to spark creative deliberations on the one hand, and artworks to promote them on the other.

Creative mediation methods

The aim is to identify new forms of creative debate, collaboration, deliberation and democracy that could feed into the activities of citizens’ associations and deliberation processes, either for their internal processes/debates or to involve other citizens in their activities, debates and struggles.

Creative Commune will offer tools to stimulate debate and citizen participation, for example to organise a participatory debate event within the movement or open to the general public.

Methods for creating performances/artworks

Methods for creating artistic performances based on the debates and elements of the first methods.
This will enable the target associations to improve the visibility of their movements through artistic performance, to place it in the public arena and public debate, and to draw the attention of the public/citizens/politicians to their ideas/themes/actions.

Each partner will work on one type of performance.